We Can Come Together and Choose Peace and Love (And Lilly Pulitzer)

John 1:11 Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God.

Let’s be realistic. We all have darkness inside of us; it is part of what makes us human. To be angry, to be jealous, to be disgusted, is to be human. These emotions are not “bad” or “evil”. The feeling itself is innocent. It is human.

What makes us who we are is how we choose to act and speak on our thoughts, emotions, and instincts. How we act on them, and how we use our voice.

Behaving offensively only fuels the fire in the outside world and within us.

However, water distinguishes a fire. So instead of choosing to fight fire with fire, lets choose kindness. Let’s choose productivity. Let’s choose love. The world needs it. The world needs love. The world needs water. The world needs us.

I got this Lilly Pulitzer dress on sale during this pandemic! I wasn’t able to purchase it on Valentine’s Day this year unfortunately. However, I believe we should celebrate loving one another every day.

Pool Day in Lilly With the Cutest of all Kiddos!

Hello everyone! I have missed you guys! Life has been crazy lately with health issues I’ve been having and lots and lots of work to catch up on. Adulting is tough sometimes! However, a recent silver lining I’ve had during this stressful time has been having family come visit for a fun pool day at our house. It was exactly what I needed to relax and unwind.

I got to wear my new Lilly Pulitzer bathing suit for the first time. My mom bought it for me on a huge discount from TJ Maxx! It was only about $60! I love one-pieces. Here below I found some more Lilly bathing suits on Amazon on incredible sales. Such great prices for Lilly Pulitzer!

$98.50 ($158.00)
Only $47.99!!


My little cousin Anya peer-pressured me to swim in the pool with her. She is downright adorable and has a bold, outspoken, hilarious personality! Like a true Scorpio woman, she is not afraid to speak her mind! Don’t we look so cute together in our matching bathing suits? #twinning She is such a gorgeous girl!

Then my aunt, grandmother, mom and dad, grandmother’s friend, and I ate lunch together out by the pool. Staying at home during the pandemic, I don’t get to see many others in person that often, so it was so fun to spend quality time with my family. I definitely needed some girl time.

Stay tuned to see more of my #quarantineinGeorgia girly outfits and fun, joyful times! I love spending time at my backyard pool!

Love y’all!


The Non-Profit I Support that Saves Lives From Human Trafficking

Instead of feeling ashamed if you happen to be privileged, why not use your “privilege” for a good cause? I admit that I have felt apologetic and even embarrassed about being born into a well-off family during the time of the pandemic when millions of citizens around the world are struggling financially. Comments others have made in my life (using “princess” in a derogatory way) have spurred many of these negative emotions. However, I have realized that feeling that way about my upbringing is not productive, nor is it beneficial. In fact, it is quite pointless. It doesn’t help me nor anybody else.

My suggestion is to use your privilege for a humanitarian cause. Human trafficking, for instance, is a vile form of modern-day slavery that happens all around the planet. Those of us born into privilege have been provided with a wonderful gift, which is the means to donate what we can to stop innocent people from being kidnapped and horrifically abused.

Influencer Juliann Lancon @juliannlanconart claims she supports The Exodus Road Rescue Life Outreach International Samaritan’s Purse (International Crisis Response Human Trafficking) (https://www.theexodusroad.com/donate). “This has always weighed heavy on my heart especially since a trip I look to Cambodia years ago,” says the mother and fine abstract artist.

My humble advice is to be certain that the organization you are donating to is a non-profit and not a business, so you can be sure that this organization is all for helping those in need. However, businesses often make generous donations to these significant causes as well. Just remember to be mindful of any propaganda tactics that the business may possibly be utilizing merely for their own personal gain. Research and do the best you can to check the facts before making your donation. I do support businesses as well.

I hope after reading this you feel encouraged to make a difference as others in my life and on media have inspired me. Be kind, work hard and save the women, men, girls and boys that so desperately need our help. Thank you for reading. I hope that you can join myself and others in making a meaningful, imperative, drastic change.

Do the best you can and be the best you can be during times of uncertainty and struggle.



New Designer Finds at Target!

I gotta tell y’all, Target, yes Target, is really stepping up their game during this pandemic! They are selling some of the most gorgeous clothes I’ve ever seen on the racks at their store! Not only did they collaborate with Love Shack Fancy, one of my all-time favorite fashion designers, to create an affordable collection to be accessible to shoppers who don’t always have $600 in their pocket to spend on one dress, but they’re also selling more designers as well! There are still Love Shack Fancy dresses available at Target stores, and they are selling the cutest Lisa Marie Fernandez dresses ever as well! Lisa Marie Fernandez is becoming an absolute favorite designer of mine, with their classic, very feminine and Southern style dresses. I got my first Lisa Fernandez dress, which they were selling for only $40, just recently at Target!

I do love cute, girly white sundresses! And I love the adorable pink and yellow chevron designs on this one! I paired the dress with my Tory Burch shoes. I’m head over heals!!

Here are some more Liza Marie Fernandez dresses that I’ve been drooling over.


Keep doing what you’re doing Target! I love that you are selling beautiful, high-end designs at prices that people with with less amounts of discretionary income can afford so that we can all feel fabulous! These clothes are truly stunning. I have some more Love Shack Fancy dresses to show y’all. I can’t wait to share more with you guys!!



Patriotism in 2020

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. To me patriotism in 2020 means not just watching fireworks and wearing red, white and blue, but also fighting for what needs to change in our country. And one of the biggest things we need to work on, still tragically, is establishing racial equality. It’s so important that we continue to support this movement even when it’s no longer a social media “trend”. I have been very active on my Instagram @misslexiemarie on supporting Black Lives Matter, however I apologize sincerely for not yet speaking about it on my blog. Part of helping this movement for me and other people of priviledged races, is continuing to support black people as much as we can. Here are some black influencers who have inspired me.

Lesley @lbeabright

Leslie has the cutest wardrobe in the universe! She wears lots of Lilly Pulitzer and Love Shack Fancy, like me. I want to go shopping on her closet so bad! All of her many dresses and clothes are literally to die for. She is so adorable! She has some of the same dresses as me and some of the dresses I have been dying to purchase myself! I’ll admit sometimes her most perfect outfits do make me a little jealous! Boy does she have style; everything she wears is colorful, feminine, and classic.

Jiannie @allthingsjiannie

Jianni is one of the coolest, most intelligent, and kindest fashionistas I know. I worked with her and another friend on the Models Committee Lynn University 2019 Fashion Show. Our job was to recruit and be in constant communication with the models for the Spring fashion show, making sure they attend all of their mandatory meetings and fittings. She always knew what to do when Cameron (the other girl working with us who is also awesome) and I were lost. She not only has a fierce style but a fierce personality as well. She is sweet, funny and awesome!

Kelly Augustine @kellyaugustineb

I love this lady’s style and attitude! She is fabulous, and her taste in fashion is impeccable. I absolutely love all of her beautiful dresses and hats! She truly has grace as well as an amazing fashion and lifestyle blog.

Fashioning the Self @fashioningtheself

This account has the most stunning, artistic feed ever that depicts Black history so beautifully. It is one of the most creative accounts I have ever seen. She is soon publishing a second print edition of her style magazine titled Fashioning the Self in Slavery and Freedom which will feature writing, photography and other artistic work by many of her incredibly talented friends and colleagues. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, she is now accepting donations on her GoFundMe account.

Aja Barber @ajabarber

This woman is truly remarkable. She is a strong advocate for the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as for wearing sustainable clothing brands. Her speeches on Instagram are quite incredible; she is loving and kind but definitely doesn’t sugar coat things. She speaks on the behalf of many significant, profound topics that are integral to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Danielle @daniellethewriter.co

One of my oldest friends, whom I’ve known since high school, is an aspiring author! Her blog includes so many informative and funny articles on how to write a novel. I love her recent post on ”9 Ways to Get Rid of Writer’s Block” as she has many smart and unconventional ideas on this topic that make her article stand out from the usual. She is also stunningly beautiful and stylish and her Instagram rocks! She is also an amazing person and longtime friend.


Nicole Williams, another passionate author, is so adorably sweet, kind and gorgeous!! She writes and speaks about mental health, her faith, and succeeding in school (she goes to Princeton!). She is exceptionally intelligent and beautiful at the same time, as well as an amazing speaker and writer. Like, can I just be her?

Blue Labels Boutique @Bluelabelsboutique

This extraordinary fashion designer sells exquisite styles on her online boutique. I love the bright, fun, colorful patterns of her clothing. I also love her more formal dresses that are oh-so elegant and her inspirational motto which is “Live in Fashion not Fear”.

Jordan Chapman @jordantayc @jordan.taylorc

This woman is a photographer, traveler and fashionista who posts the most eye-catching photos from some of the most stunning places on her feed! I knew her from high school as well. She is gorgeous and has been active in advocating for BLM for a long time. She also has a fun and charismatic personality, and her accounts are captivating! She is a wonderful, incredibly kind person and longtime friend.

Sasha Cherapika @luvusumcherapika

I love Sasha; she is the absolute best! She is a beautiful and hilarious fashion enthusiast and incredible mother who has her own sewing business. She has recently made the most beautiful, unique, fashionable masks that she is selling on her account. She is also, of course, an active black advocate and a strong, fabulous woman as well. Sasha has the most outgoing, pleasant, and fun personality. She’s truly a joy to be around!

Kimberly M. Jenkins @kimberlymjenkins

Kimberly is a brilliant and dedicated BLM advocate who writes and speaks about vital topics pertaining to fashion and racism. Not only is she a professor at Ryerson, but she previously worked as an educator at Gucci! Kimberly has also taught at Parsons and Pratt as well so she is not exactly unintelligent. She is the founder of @fashionandracedatabase, which was created for the purpose of “expanding the narrative of fashion history and challenging misrepresentation within the fashion system”. She will be re-launching the website for the organization on July 8, and you’ll bet that as someone interested in the fashion industry I’ll be on there further educated myself on how minorities have tragically been under-represented, and their cultures distorted, in the fashion world for ages. This woman is truly remarkable. Her account is amazing, and I cannot wait for her new website.

Emmanuelle @emmanuellek_

I must admit I’m a little jealous of this lady’s closet as well, her fabulous dresses, bags, and hats. Emmanuelle’s style is extraordinary! She is stunning and really has an amazing, very creative, artistic and fun feed. It is truly innovative and beautiful, one I could spend hours on!

Gabby @_gabswilks_

Gabby is an incredibly kind, smart and loving person who loves children more than probably anyone I know. She is a wonderful, intelligent woman. Her video on her Instagram “Dear My Silent White Friend” was moving, inspiring and powerful. I was nearly in tears. She is a giver and a truly incredible person. The gorgeous younger sister of Danielle Wilkinson, I have also known her for a very long time!

Monique Mahabir @_moniquemary

Monique, a friend of mine from Lynn University who just recently graduated, is incredibly intelligent, sweet, giving, radiant and beautiful. She is an adorable hard-working Psychology student. She is so nice and fun to hang out with. Her ambition and work ethic inspires me! I have truly enjoyed the times I’ve spent with her. She is an amazing, brilliant woman and leader.

Oriane Abjibi @myfashionbreak

Oriane has the best outfits and shoots, another gorgeous woman with a spectacular feed! I love the all of the bright colors she wears, and her bathing suit and shoe collections are quite impressive. Of course, she is also advocated for racial inequality to end in our country, just like every single one of these powerful women are. She is a beautiful, intelligent, incredible woman and influencer!

When I went protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement and for the lives that have tragically been lost, I had the privilege hearing passionate black women speak for their cause. I really enjoyed listening to their powerful speeches. One of the women mentioned that it is not enough to just show up at a protest. She said that joining a Black Lives Matter organization is paramount to making a true impact. While I have not had much money lately to donate, I have been donating some of the money I do have to Joe Biden’s election, since Donald Trump has not been supporting Black Lives Matter and seems to even be making things worse for the minorities who are in need. I also will be donating money to https://blacklivesmatter.com, which is a non-profit that supports black lives as well as racial equality. If you are a black person, I stand by you. I stand with you. I stand for you. If you are a white person or someone of any other race, of course, I ask and encourage you support Black Lives Matter in any way you can, because they need us now more that ever. Comment below any black people and accounts that you support. We need change in our country so desperately. Black people at the very least deserve equality, justice and fair treatment.

I have been having difficulties posting links onto my blog because of WordPress’s new setup (why do sites have to do this all the time), but I will do my best to get them on there as soon as I can, and their accounts will be tagged on my Instagram feed @misslexiemarie. I love you all and hope you all had a wonderfully blessed holiday and will join me in doing everything we possibly can to make a difference against the cruel and unjust racial discrimination in our country.

Happy 4th of July,


Lilly Pulitzer leggings and the cutest bow crop top from the bestie! @dreamingoutloud25
My parents in their awesome festive outfits. I had to borrow my mom’s hat (in an outfit for a future post!). It’s the cutest!

The Highlands Part 2: Lake Day!

Hello friends, get excited! My family’s great escape to my new favorite place, the Highlands, North Carolina, continues! On our second day, my parents and I spent Father’s Day boating on the lake. It was truly spectacular! I can’t think of a better way we could’ve spent the holiday dedicated to celebrating our love for our dads! My Dad is the greatest dad in the world, therefore deserves the best Father’s Day there could ever be.

I am a person who has anxiety, therefore I often have a lot of thoughts going through my head. However, when I’m on the boat, I am relaxed and at peace. My parents and I rented a boat to spend a few hours having a great time on Lake Glenville. Riding on the boat in the lake felt like true bliss; it was incredible. I wish I were there right now! It was amazing!! Lake Glenville in North Carolina is such a gorgeous lake surrounded by picturesque mountains and waterfalls. We saw some of the most gigantic houses in those steep mountains. Honestly, some of them looked more like hotels than regular homes! It was such incredible scenery with the boats, the mountains, the sky (how many times can I say “mountains”). The way the sun hit the water looked like glitter, so sparkling and beautiful.

I absolutely love seersucker dresses, and this one is omg the cutest shade of lavender! I bought it so long ago; I’ve had it for years!!

I felt jealous when we rode past a family’s dock where one girl had a HUGE flamingo floatie that honestly made mine look a bit lame! We also saw the most adorable ducks which we got to feed. I love ducks; they’re so cute! My dad of course was the first to jump in the water. It took me forever to get in which was quite pathetic (excuse me, I’m a bit of a princess sometimes), although my mom didn’t get in at all so at least I did eventually! The water was quite cold, and it took me a while to get used to that temperature.

Once the water did start to feel nice, I got to do one of my favorite things I haven’t gotten to do in years-tubing!!! It was soooooo fun. My mom told me before I went on the tube that she’s never seen me smile bigger than when I’m tubing! It was an absolute blast!!!

Boating was the perfect way to spend the, sadly, last day of our magnificent gateway. It is one of my favorite things in the world to do. I truly do not believe that there is any feeling that compares to the pure joy of being on a boat! I hadn’t felt that gleeful in what felt like years.

I had a marvelous, jubilant time in the Highlands!! It felt a little sad to say goodbye to our charming Country Cottage in the mountains. I really loved that adorable place! However, our weekend at this dreamland will always be a memory that will hold a special place in my heart. I will always cherish these times spent with family. I hope sometime soon I will get to return to my beloved land of the Highlands!

Hope y’all enjoyed reading about our fairytale escape. Love you guys!

Summer Getaway to the Highlands: Part 1!

Hello readers! Welcome back to my blog! Summer has truly begun! I just recently got back from my trip to the Highlands, North Carolina. It was a dream weekend vacation, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Of course, I was excited for a brief break from the usual stressors of my life, but I honestly didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did. We drove from Atlanta to the Highlands; the drive was a mere three hours. Cody, our dog, was very sad to see us go away. He started getting nervous when he saw our suitcases (yes, my mom and I both packed suitcases for a two-day trip), and sadly watched us from the window as we drove away. 😭 When we arrived at the Highlands, we looked up at the sky, and I don’t think I had ever seen so many stars before! It was magical. We arrived at our cabin, “The Country Cottage”, that we would be staying at, and I instantly fell in love. No words I say can describe how incredibly adorable this cottage was.

This dress was thrifted! Had it for so long!
Front porches are my life!
Bench swing are also my life!

These are actually artificial flowers. Don’t they look real?!
My parents are the cutest couple!

I knew we were in the country when the welcome letter the owners left us warned us to watch out for bears! The cottage was stunningly beautiful and very homey. Now I dream of getting my very own “Country Cottage” one day.

It was so sweet of them to leave us mugs with our initials!

This artwork actually moves!!!! And makes sound too!! It’s soooooo cool. As seen on my Instagram @misslexiemarie

This moves too; it’s amazing! As also seen on my Instagram! @misslexiemarie

The first adventure we went on in the Highlands was hiking near one of the most incredible waterfalls I have ever seen! I have told you all before how much I love waterfalls; I tend to chase them! I wrote in my article about waterfalls https://princessstylediaries.home.blog/2020/05/15/the-therapeutic-effect-of-nature-and-waterfalls/ how they really calm my anxiety. But this wasn’t just any old waterfall. It was amazing; it was huge!! The rushing, roaring sounds of the water by the steep mountains was exhilerating. You could also go behind the waterfall which was so much fun!!

This is me behind the waterfall. I must master Photoshop so I can get a picture like this to look great!

You can’t go to the charming area of the Highlands without doing some shopping of course, or window shopping if you’re broke, like we did (except that my mom purchased a beautiful kitchen cloth). So after our hiking trip, we headed to the town.

We did not go into many stores, because again, I was broke! However, as I looked at everything in the windows, all of the clothing and merchandise was totally my style!! Very classic, preppy, true Southern style. It was all so beautiful and chic. I did go into one store, however, C. Orrico, which is one of my favorite stores. They have a store in Delray Beach on Atlantic Avenue in Southern Florida. C. Orrico sells cutest preppy brands with bright Florida colors including, of course, tons and tons of Lilly!! The store helped sponsor our Lynn University Fashion Show in 2019, where I served as a member of the Model’s Committee (scouting models, not actually being one)! Some of the models were styled in Lilly dresses from C. Orrico, and they truly looked stunning and fab! C. Orrico has many of their dresses on sale! I really enjoyed chatting with the ladies at the Highlands C. Orrico store; they were incredible and sweet, although I may have babbled to them a little too much. I can talk too much sometimes when I’m excited, silly me. It was so nice of them to take the time to talk to me. I was so happy to get to meet the owner of C. Orrico! She was amazing.

My dad and I had to stop and get ice cream from Kelwin’s, one of my all-time favorite ice cream stores. And I got my favorite flavor, raspberry sorbet, in a cone. I also treated myself to one of the most delicious chocolate strawberries I’ve ever had (not exaggerating).

We strolled by some of the most beautiful churches with gorgeous gardens. We even walked by the famous St. Edwards Hotel. We didn’t get to go inside, of course, but just by taking a peek from the outside, I was captivated. I could see that their pool had waterfalls, and not just any waterfalls, but they looked like real ones! The water was flowing through rocks by the pool, and it looked so romantic. I may want to have my wedding at that hotel one day, in fact I am seriously considering it.

After our big day, we went home and ate some take-out from the local supermarket. I got Southern-style chicken fingers because I’m basic. Then my dad made my favorite thing in the entire world….cheese fondue!! It was AMAZING. I love cheese fondue so much. The Melting Pot is my all-time favorite restaurant in the world! Our homemade cheese fondue is also delicious. I swear I could live off of cheese fondue.

The bedroom I got to sleep in was so incredibly adorable and girly. It had the most beautiful bed with a very feminine floral comforter and the cutest sitting area as well.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my weekend in the Highlands, but my story isn’t over yet. Stay tuned, and read my next post, to hear about our second day of the trip where we got to go boating on the lake! I truly love it here in the Highlands, not only is the area so wonderful but the people are also all so incredibly friendly and kind! I love how in Southern areas of the US, just like my hometown in Georgia, people have such great manners and are so nice to each other!

Is Love Shack Fancy the New Lilly Pulitzer in Palm Beach?

Hello, I’ve missed you my friends! I have some exciting news for you all.

The beautiful, enchanting dresses of the Love Shack Fancy collection are to die for; simply stunning, however quite pricey. To make her dresses accessible to a larger audience, the designer collaborated with Target to produce an affordable Love Shack Fancy line for consumers of all economic backgrounds. It now seems as if Instagram is flooded with fashion influencers dawning their new Love Shack Fancy Target dresses. With the increasing popularity of this brand, and its gorgeous floral designs, could it be becoming the new Lilly Pulitzer?

I just got my first Love Shack Fancy Target dress in the mail, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I have always loved the way women used to dress centuries ago, in far more feminine and elegant clothing, and these dresses remind me of how women would dress up way back in the 1800’s. I love the soft pastel colors, the ruffle and bow details, and the floral patterns, obviously. The dress I am wearing is the Love Shack Fancy for Target pink floral midi dress, as of course pink is my all-time favorite color. With its chiffon material and long, flowy silhouette, it truly is a gown fit for a princess. It kind of reminds me of Sleeping Beauty’s extravagant ball gown! This dress is totally me!

The Love Shack Fancy dresses are so fashionable; they were practically sold out at Target within the first day of their release. I came on to the Target website a bit too late to find a dress my size (most were out of stock of course), but was lucky enough to find this showstopper on Poshmark! The price was a little bit steeper than the amount listed on the Target website, however still far more affordable that the dresses from the original, tremendously expensive, designer collection. I negotiated a little to pay a slightly lower amount than the seller was charging. I still paid more than I wanted to, but the price was worth it, because I am completely in love.

“You only see people wearing dresses like these now,” says influencer, boutique owner, and fashion digital marketing specialist Madison Sohaney, “here in Palm Beach they are the new Lilly”. While Love Shack Fancy does embody a style similar to that of Lilly Pulitzer, their dresses have perhaps a more bohemian vibe than Lilly’s signature preppy look. However, the clothes are alike, because they are both exceptionally classy and feminine. Love Shack Fancy dresses are “inspired by vintage finds and the enchanting world of its founder Rebecca Hessel Cohen,” as advertised on the Target website. They are truly impeccable, and it seems more and more women are also falling in love with these dresses.

I am so so happy to be lucky enough to get my hands on one of these extraordinarily beautiful, truly immaculate dresses. Some on Poshmark are still available if you are dying to purchase one too! For me personally, Lilly Pulitzer is my all-time favorite brand, however I’m now growing a fondness and frankly an obsession with these exquisite gowns. But could they really be more prominent than Lilly, the true queen of Southern prep? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! Stay tuned on my blog to see more!

Happy Self-Reflection Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is Self-Reflection Sunday. Self-reflection is good for the soul and an essential part of self-growth and self-care. So often we feel we are not doing enough, and we focus on what we’re not doing, or what we haven’t yet accomplished, but we don’t give ourselves credit for what we have achieved. Think of where you were last year, and now think of where you are now. Take a look at how far you’ve come. I wrote a list of positive changes I’ve made this year for myself that I would like to share you you guys. Here is my list:

*I am no longer in an unhealthy relationship.

*I am succeeding at school and making good grades.

*I am working two internships where I’m gaining experience and building my portfolio.

*I am laying next to my cat, who loves me unconditionally, instead of someone who is lying to me.

*I have made steps towards building confidence in myself.

*I am taking more time to take care of myself. 

*I have gotten far better at communicating.

*I am spending more time connecting with family and especially getting closer with my parents. 

*I have a potential job interview on Wednesday.

*I am reconnecting with old friends.

Others will always judge you and will criticize your life choices and even who you are. But it’s always important to do what’s best for you. The positive changes you are making is what matters. Grow for yourself, never for the people who taught you you weren’t enough. I encourage you to make a list too of how far you’ve come since last year. Writing these things down will help you see all of the wonderful improvements you’ve made and all the good you are doing in your life. It’s always important to remind yourself every now and then that YOU are a rockstar. YOU are enough.

How I Survived A Semester in Quarantine

Hello everyone, I’m excited to share with you how I managed to excel at college during the quarantine, finishing the semester strong with all A’s! I am so proud of myself; this is actually my first straight-A semester in quite a while!

Get this “Boss Lady” mug at https://www.amazon.com/Sweet-Water-Decor-Coffee-Unique/dp/B07DNM56L1/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?ie=UTF8&aaxitk=Y1RHQ-SIrdDiGWaqJIderQ&hsa_cr_id=4607667330201&ref_=sb_s_sparkle
Get this “Boss Lady” mug at https://www.amazon.com/Sweet-Water-Decor-Coffee-Unique/dp/B07DNM56L1/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?ie=UTF8&aaxitk=Y1RHQ-SIrdDiGWaqJIderQ&hsa_cr_id=4607667330201&ref_=sb_s_sparkle

However, taking classes all online was a bit of an adjustment. I almost felt like my world was turning upside-down when the quarantine started. I attend college at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, and I am obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Emerging Media with a minor in Fashion and Retail. The school first told us that we would have to test the online system just in case we would have to go online. It wasn’t long, I think only a couple of days, before we were all told that the rest of the semester would take place online, and soon it was decided the campus would be completely closed. I was so worried, because I had never taken online classes before. Learning in the classroom, with the professor and the other students there with me, is really how I thrive as a student. My goal was to get all A’s this semester, since last semester was not my best semester due to personal struggles, and I wanted to pull my GPA back up, but I was starting to worry I would not be able to accomplish that if all the classes were going to be online.

Lilly Pulitzer shirt, get it at https://www.lillypulitzer.com/kaia-knit-tunic-top/002151.html?dwvar_002151_color=543PC2
Borrowed white pants from my mom since I accidentally left mine in Florida! (And I’ve been quarantining in Atlanta)

Doing school online was a bit of an adjustment at first. We use Amazon Chime at Lynn for our classes, and on the first day, I didn’t make it to my first class due to technical difficulties, and I had to call IT. Being in class online at first felt pretty awkward, I think for all of us. I am really lucky that at Lynn however, you still get to have class with everybody through a video discussion while at some other schools, you have to listen to a lecture that is recorded.

I was also really lucky that my professors were so helpful. They were always there to talk on the phone and answer questions which made a huge difference for me. After a while, classes online didn’t seem so awkward anymore. Sometimes it was even kind of fun, to see people in their home environment, to see people’s pets, ect. However one time my cat was whining so loudly that all of the other students were like, “What’s that?”. I told them it was my cat and the professor said, “I’m going to have to mute you for now”.

My cat Tigger interrupting my video presentation; he is so silly!!!

While it sounds cliche, I got my A’s by working really hard. I came to just about every class, I communicated frequently with the professors, I asked for help from tutors at times, I checked Canvas every day, and I spent a great deal of time working on all of the assignments, especially the finals. At times I was very very stressed, put I still pushed through. It also helped that all the classes I took this semester were classes that I loved and found very fun and interesting.

If you are starting taking college classes online, you don’t have to be so nervous about doing school online. If you put in the same effort that you for regular classes that you have performed well in, you will still succeed. If I could do it, you can too; I promise. Just do your best to stay focused and be motivated. And also, definitely take advantage of all the resources you have available. Love you all, I believe in you guys!

Cody was always there for me when I was stressed about my work!
Cody was always there for my when I was stressed about me work!

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