A Happy Easter In Lilly

I’m determined to still have a Happy Easter even though I am stuck at home. Wearing one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever owned, I definitely feel dressed up for the holiday. As soon as I stepped into this Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress (it feels like a gown!) I automatically felt like a princess. Or as if I were attending a wedding, perhaps somewhere on a tropical island in the Caribbean. The dress’s pattern is so beachy and its aqua color is simply stunning. It appears to be inspired by the ocean. I bought it on a fabulous discount at the After Party sale at the beginning of this year. It looks so perfect with my pearls (earrings from Tiffany’s and necklace from Zales), Kendra Scott bracelet, and Jack Roger sandals. Even if I’m just at home, I still can’t wait to spend the Easter holiday in this magnificent dress.


Our house is decked out for Easter with Easter bunnies and other decor thanks to my mom who got her knack for decorating from my grandmother who takes it to a whole nother level. We are going to try to see some of our extended family through Zoom and drive by my aunt’s house to see some of them as well but avoid going up too close to them. My dad is planning to cook my favorite food-steak! Eating such a delicious meal in a house decorated up to par for Easter dressed in my most gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer gown, I still feel like I am having a wonderful holiday just staying at home.


I hope you all have a splendid holiday and you still get to see loved ones celebrating Easter or Passover during this very unusual time. Pray for me that I’ll still have time to relax with all the work I have to do! My Easter this year may be more quiet, but I’m still looking forward to having a wonderful day. I think I’m gonna have to repeat this dress honestly, and wear it again surrounded by more people, at a much bigger event or occasion. But physical distancing still continues for now. And having a more laid-back holiday does have its pros, less maintenance, cleaning up, preparing to do for one thing. Once the quarantine ends we can all have a grand celebration. For now, we can still decorate Easter eggs and have an elegant dinner at home.





Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all have an amazing day!


Published by Lexie

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