Happy Mother’s Day 2020

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!! There is no one in our life quite a mother, for they are there for you through thick and thin and will always love you unconditionally. Today is the day to celebrate and be thankful for our moms who have raised us to be who we are today. We would not be here at all without them. Today is the day to make our mothers feel extra special and loved.


My mom and I have been butting heads a little lately since being in the same house with each other all day every day. It is difficult at times. But I love her nonetheless. My mom used to be a pediatrician; she is an amazing, beautiful, intelligent, and loving woman. People often tell us we look a lot alike; which I take as a compliment! People also say we act alike, but I don’t really see it. We do have some traits in common, such as how we both lose things a lot and also lose track of time a lot too!


To celebrate Mother’s Day, we spent time at my aunt’s house with the family. We tried our best to keep our distance. My mom is wearing the cutest outfit from Anthropologie. My dress is a new dress from Vineyard Vines; I love maxi dresses, especially ones with fun, colorful patterns. And I finally got to wear my Tory Burch purse and sandals again today.


It was so great to finally get to see more people since we obviously don’t see many people nowadays! It was great to spend time with family. Love you mom! Hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day.






Published by Lexie

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