David Yurman Diamonds, A Girl’s Best Friend

Oh my goodness; I am relieved and thrilled that I have completed my Junior year in college. I worked so hard this semester, and to reward myself for my hard work, late nights spend studying and typing papers, and excellent grades and performance, I decided to buy myself a…..new David Yurman diamond necklace!


When the stunning necklace came in the mail (surprisingly it only took two days to ship!) I was amazed at its immaculate beauty. I am sooooo happy!!! It is absolutely perfect. I can wear it with everything! The necklace I bought is the Infinity Pendant Necklace with Diamonds. It has a small square of sparkling pave diamonds surrounded by two sterling silver circles which emulate the classic David Yurman cable design that the brand is so well-known for. The pendant hangs on a lovely, delicate sterling silver chain. I am such a happy woman wearing it! I’m sure you’ve all heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and now with this beautiful shining necklace I can definitely see why!



I deserved to treat myself for my hard work and for my birthday this year. I earned it, and I am so proud of myself for pushing through to the end! Life is short, so sometimes you just gotta spoil yourself, or more or less reward yourself for your accomplishments. We are all princesses, and we all deserve finer things in life. Treating yourself with something extra special is not selfish, so I encourage you to buy that diamonds necklace you’ve been dreaming about for ages too! I am so excited that I now have a brand new addition to my growing David Yurman jewelry collection. Stay tuned for a post coming soon on how I survived a Third-year college semester in quarantine. Hope you guys enjoyed! Love you all!


Published by Lexie

One Southern belle’s thoughts on all things fashion, lifestyle, travel and wellness

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