The Therapeutic Effect of Nature and Waterfalls

Nature is freeing. Nature is healing. Nature gives a boost of energy and joy. And it’s free! Which is why it’s the best kind of therapy there is.


You may look at me and think I’m more of an indoor-sy girl with my fancy clothes and purses, but I actually love the great outdoors as well! I mean I may not be into camping or anything like that, but nature itself makes me happy! While I love living in Southern Florida, 15 minutes away from the beach, I don’t get the opportunity to hike very much there or see mountains. That’s why I was so happy to get to go hiking in the mountains in Virginia where my sister and her fiancé live. We came to visit them for the weekend! We’re already having such a great time.



Spending time in nature is good for the soul; research has shown that it reduces stress and builds self-confidence and increases mental well-being. This is something we all need during this time of the Covid crisis. The best part of our hike was when we got to see the great waterfall; it was amazing, so beautiful. Waterfalls are so peaceful and relaxing, the sound of the running water. Waterfalls are also proven to help decrease stress and depression, as the negative ions from the waterfall exude calmness.


While hiking for the first time in quite a while, I felt like I was in the beginning scene in The 100 when all of the characters step foot on Earth for the first time and explore. I felt like I could hear the song “We Come Running” playing. May sound silly, but it was such a great feeling!


I also enjoyed seeing the new area where my sisters are moving soon. It was so beautiful!!


God’s gift, the natural world, brings more happiness than any material thing. So whenever you can, and wherever you can during this unusual time, make time to go outside and enjoy the fresh air and the bright sunshine! I am so happy I got to do so today with my family.

Wishing our brother Jonathan were with us as well, he would have loved it! Oh and by the way, my leggings are from Victoria’s Secret Pink!



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