My Current Travel Bucket List

Hello my friends! Since I’ve been staying at home all day most days, I’ve become obsessed with traveling! There are so many places I’ve been dreaming of going to. I want to get out of my cave and see the world! There are a some places I truly miss and want to visit again. There are so many countries I have yet to see.

One place I truly miss is Saltzburg, Austria, which I’ve been reminiscing about more often lately since writing my final paper and presentation for my Intercultural Communications class on the country of Austria.








Many claim Saltzburg, Austria is the most beautiful city of all Central Europe. It is actually where The Sound of Music was filmed. The gazebo where my mom and I are at is the same gazebo where Liesl and Ralph sang with each other in the movie! The pathway by the trees where I am standing is the same place where Maria played with the children in the “Do-Re-Me” scene. Saltzburg is known for its magnificent mountains and castles, as you can see above. The lake is also so pretty. While it was a bit crowded, I loved visiting Saltzburg. It was so cool to spend time in this amazing city, and I hope to someday visit there again.

There are many places I’ve been dying to go; here are a few of the first cities that come to mind:

Santorini, Greece


Who doesn’t want to go to Greece? It looks so relaxing!! I wish I were sitting on the balcony one of the white cottages with the beautiful view of the ocean right now. It looks like a dream!

Paris, France


As a Fashion major (minor), it goes without saying that I’ve wanted to go to Paris ever since I was a little girl. I’m thinking of possibly studying abroad there for a few weeks next Spring. It’s a dream of mine to shop and dine there and someday see the famous Eiffel Tower. Definitely a must on every fashionista’s bucket list is experiencing the beauty and wonder of the City of Love.

Hallstat Alpine Village, Austria


The setting from Frozen was inspired by this fairy-tale like village, where the cutest and most unique pastel-colored houses sit by a peaceful lake. This enchanting town is very popular. People love to swim and boat in the lake during the summer as well as explore the charming town. I can’t believe I’ve visiting so many cities in Austria, but still have yet to see Hallstatt!

Florence, Italy


Florence, Italy, another one of the fashion capitols of the world, is one of my sister’s favorite cities that she visited when she studied abroad. I may study abroad there as well for a few weeks in the Spring! Everyone wants to go to Italy at some point; such a fun, exciting country to visit! I dream of one day getting to visit this romantic city and experience it’s lively culture.

Venice, Italy


Ever since I’ve seen Venice on Mozart’s Jungle, a show my parents love to watch together, I’ve wanted to go so bad! It’s a city like no other, with the canals that flow through the most beautiful and uniqur architecture. I want to go riding on a gondola in the canal so bad. Venice looks so beautiful, a spectacular place to go on vacation.

Split, Croatia


My grandfather was from Croatia, so it’s a given that our whole family wants to go there one day. I dream of someday visiting this beautiful city and getting to see where my grandfather grew up. We’ve been talking about possibly going there next year after my sister and I graduate college! I really hope we get to go!!

Going to a different country and seeing a whole new world is a life-changing experience. I hope I get to see all of these places at some point in my life, and hopefully more. Comment below some of your favorite places you’ve visited, as well as where you’ve been dying to go!

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