How I Survived A Semester in Quarantine

Hello everyone, I’m excited to share with you how I managed to excel at college during the quarantine, finishing the semester strong with all A’s! I am so proud of myself; this is actually my first straight-A semester in quite a while!

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Get this “Boss Lady” mug at

However, taking classes all online was a bit of an adjustment. I almost felt like my world was turning upside-down when the quarantine started. I attend college at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, and I am obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Emerging Media with a minor in Fashion and Retail. The school first told us that we would have to test the online system just in case we would have to go online. It wasn’t long, I think only a couple of days, before we were all told that the rest of the semester would take place online, and soon it was decided the campus would be completely closed. I was so worried, because I had never taken online classes before. Learning in the classroom, with the professor and the other students there with me, is really how I thrive as a student. My goal was to get all A’s this semester, since last semester was not my best semester due to personal struggles, and I wanted to pull my GPA back up, but I was starting to worry I would not be able to accomplish that if all the classes were going to be online.

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Borrowed white pants from my mom since I accidentally left mine in Florida! (And I’ve been quarantining in Atlanta)

Doing school online was a bit of an adjustment at first. We use Amazon Chime at Lynn for our classes, and on the first day, I didn’t make it to my first class due to technical difficulties, and I had to call IT. Being in class online at first felt pretty awkward, I think for all of us. I am really lucky that at Lynn however, you still get to have class with everybody through a video discussion while at some other schools, you have to listen to a lecture that is recorded.

I was also really lucky that my professors were so helpful. They were always there to talk on the phone and answer questions which made a huge difference for me. After a while, classes online didn’t seem so awkward anymore. Sometimes it was even kind of fun, to see people in their home environment, to see people’s pets, ect. However one time my cat was whining so loudly that all of the other students were like, “What’s that?”. I told them it was my cat and the professor said, “I’m going to have to mute you for now”.

My cat Tigger interrupting my video presentation; he is so silly!!!

While it sounds cliche, I got my A’s by working really hard. I came to just about every class, I communicated frequently with the professors, I asked for help from tutors at times, I checked Canvas every day, and I spent a great deal of time working on all of the assignments, especially the finals. At times I was very very stressed, put I still pushed through. It also helped that all the classes I took this semester were classes that I loved and found very fun and interesting.

If you are starting taking college classes online, you don’t have to be so nervous about doing school online. If you put in the same effort that you for regular classes that you have performed well in, you will still succeed. If I could do it, you can too; I promise. Just do your best to stay focused and be motivated. And also, definitely take advantage of all the resources you have available. Love you all, I believe in you guys!

Cody was always there for me when I was stressed about my work!
Cody was always there for my when I was stressed about me work!

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