Happy Self-Reflection Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is Self-Reflection Sunday. Self-reflection is good for the soul and an essential part of self-growth and self-care. So often we feel we are not doing enough, and we focus on what we’re not doing, or what we haven’t yet accomplished, but we don’t give ourselves credit for what we have achieved. Think of where you were last year, and now think of where you are now. Take a look at how far you’ve come. I wrote a list of positive changes I’ve made this year for myself that I would like to share you you guys. Here is my list:

*I am no longer in an unhealthy relationship.

*I am succeeding at school and making good grades.

*I am working two internships where I’m gaining experience and building my portfolio.

*I am laying next to my cat, who loves me unconditionally, instead of someone who is lying to me.

*I have made steps towards building confidence in myself.

*I am taking more time to take care of myself. 

*I have gotten far better at communicating.

*I am spending more time connecting with family and especially getting closer with my parents. 

*I have a potential job interview on Wednesday.

*I am reconnecting with old friends.

Others will always judge you and will criticize your life choices and even who you are. But it’s always important to do what’s best for you. The positive changes you are making is what matters. Grow for yourself, never for the people who taught you you weren’t enough. I encourage you to make a list too of how far you’ve come since last year. Writing these things down will help you see all of the wonderful improvements you’ve made and all the good you are doing in your life. It’s always important to remind yourself every now and then that YOU are a rockstar. YOU are enough.

Published by Lexie

One Southern belle’s thoughts on all things fashion, lifestyle, travel and wellness

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