Summer Getaway to the Highlands: Part 1!

Hello readers! Welcome back to my blog! Summer has truly begun! I just recently got back from my trip to the Highlands, North Carolina. It was a dream weekend vacation, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Of course, I was excited for a brief break from the usual stressors of my life, but I honestly didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did. We drove from Atlanta to the Highlands; the drive was a mere three hours. Cody, our dog, was very sad to see us go away. He started getting nervous when he saw our suitcases (yes, my mom and I both packed suitcases for a two-day trip), and sadly watched us from the window as we drove away. 😭 When we arrived at the Highlands, we looked up at the sky, and I don’t think I had ever seen so many stars before! It was magical. We arrived at our cabin, “The Country Cottage”, that we would be staying at, and I instantly fell in love. No words I say can describe how incredibly adorable this cottage was.

This dress was thrifted! Had it for so long!
Front porches are my life!
Bench swing are also my life!

These are actually artificial flowers. Don’t they look real?!
My parents are the cutest couple!

I knew we were in the country when the welcome letter the owners left us warned us to watch out for bears! The cottage was stunningly beautiful and very homey. Now I dream of getting my very own “Country Cottage” one day.

It was so sweet of them to leave us mugs with our initials!

This artwork actually moves!!!! And makes sound too!! It’s soooooo cool. As seen on my Instagram @misslexiemarie

This moves too; it’s amazing! As also seen on my Instagram! @misslexiemarie

The first adventure we went on in the Highlands was hiking near one of the most incredible waterfalls I have ever seen! I have told you all before how much I love waterfalls; I tend to chase them! I wrote in my article about waterfalls how they really calm my anxiety. But this wasn’t just any old waterfall. It was amazing; it was huge!! The rushing, roaring sounds of the water by the steep mountains was exhilerating. You could also go behind the waterfall which was so much fun!!

This is me behind the waterfall. I must master Photoshop so I can get a picture like this to look great!

You can’t go to the charming area of the Highlands without doing some shopping of course, or window shopping if you’re broke, like we did (except that my mom purchased a beautiful kitchen cloth). So after our hiking trip, we headed to the town.

We did not go into many stores, because again, I was broke! However, as I looked at everything in the windows, all of the clothing and merchandise was totally my style!! Very classic, preppy, true Southern style. It was all so beautiful and chic. I did go into one store, however, C. Orrico, which is one of my favorite stores. They have a store in Delray Beach on Atlantic Avenue in Southern Florida. C. Orrico sells cutest preppy brands with bright Florida colors including, of course, tons and tons of Lilly!! The store helped sponsor our Lynn University Fashion Show in 2019, where I served as a member of the Model’s Committee (scouting models, not actually being one)! Some of the models were styled in Lilly dresses from C. Orrico, and they truly looked stunning and fab! C. Orrico has many of their dresses on sale! I really enjoyed chatting with the ladies at the Highlands C. Orrico store; they were incredible and sweet, although I may have babbled to them a little too much. I can talk too much sometimes when I’m excited, silly me. It was so nice of them to take the time to talk to me. I was so happy to get to meet the owner of C. Orrico! She was amazing.

My dad and I had to stop and get ice cream from Kelwin’s, one of my all-time favorite ice cream stores. And I got my favorite flavor, raspberry sorbet, in a cone. I also treated myself to one of the most delicious chocolate strawberries I’ve ever had (not exaggerating).

We strolled by some of the most beautiful churches with gorgeous gardens. We even walked by the famous St. Edwards Hotel. We didn’t get to go inside, of course, but just by taking a peek from the outside, I was captivated. I could see that their pool had waterfalls, and not just any waterfalls, but they looked like real ones! The water was flowing through rocks by the pool, and it looked so romantic. I may want to have my wedding at that hotel one day, in fact I am seriously considering it.

After our big day, we went home and ate some take-out from the local supermarket. I got Southern-style chicken fingers because I’m basic. Then my dad made my favorite thing in the entire world….cheese fondue!! It was AMAZING. I love cheese fondue so much. The Melting Pot is my all-time favorite restaurant in the world! Our homemade cheese fondue is also delicious. I swear I could live off of cheese fondue.

The bedroom I got to sleep in was so incredibly adorable and girly. It had the most beautiful bed with a very feminine floral comforter and the cutest sitting area as well.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my weekend in the Highlands, but my story isn’t over yet. Stay tuned, and read my next post, to hear about our second day of the trip where we got to go boating on the lake! I truly love it here in the Highlands, not only is the area so wonderful but the people are also all so incredibly friendly and kind! I love how in Southern areas of the US, just like my hometown in Georgia, people have such great manners and are so nice to each other!

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