The Highlands Part 2: Lake Day!

Hello friends, get excited! My family’s great escape to my new favorite place, the Highlands, North Carolina, continues! On our second day, my parents and I spent Father’s Day boating on the lake. It was truly spectacular! I can’t think of a better way we could’ve spent the holiday dedicated to celebrating our love for our dads! My Dad is the greatest dad in the world, therefore deserves the best Father’s Day there could ever be.

I am a person who has anxiety, therefore I often have a lot of thoughts going through my head. However, when I’m on the boat, I am relaxed and at peace. My parents and I rented a boat to spend a few hours having a great time on Lake Glenville. Riding on the boat in the lake felt like true bliss; it was incredible. I wish I were there right now! It was amazing!! Lake Glenville in North Carolina is such a gorgeous lake surrounded by picturesque mountains and waterfalls. We saw some of the most gigantic houses in those steep mountains. Honestly, some of them looked more like hotels than regular homes! It was such incredible scenery with the boats, the mountains, the sky (how many times can I say “mountains”). The way the sun hit the water looked like glitter, so sparkling and beautiful.

I absolutely love seersucker dresses, and this one is omg the cutest shade of lavender! I bought it so long ago; I’ve had it for years!!

I felt jealous when we rode past a family’s dock where one girl had a HUGE flamingo floatie that honestly made mine look a bit lame! We also saw the most adorable ducks which we got to feed. I love ducks; they’re so cute! My dad of course was the first to jump in the water. It took me forever to get in which was quite pathetic (excuse me, I’m a bit of a princess sometimes), although my mom didn’t get in at all so at least I did eventually! The water was quite cold, and it took me a while to get used to that temperature.

Once the water did start to feel nice, I got to do one of my favorite things I haven’t gotten to do in years-tubing!!! It was soooooo fun. My mom told me before I went on the tube that she’s never seen me smile bigger than when I’m tubing! It was an absolute blast!!!

Boating was the perfect way to spend the, sadly, last day of our magnificent gateway. It is one of my favorite things in the world to do. I truly do not believe that there is any feeling that compares to the pure joy of being on a boat! I hadn’t felt that gleeful in what felt like years.

I had a marvelous, jubilant time in the Highlands!! It felt a little sad to say goodbye to our charming Country Cottage in the mountains. I really loved that adorable place! However, our weekend at this dreamland will always be a memory that will hold a special place in my heart. I will always cherish these times spent with family. I hope sometime soon I will get to return to my beloved land of the Highlands!

Hope y’all enjoyed reading about our fairytale escape. Love you guys!

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