Patriotism in 2020

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. To me patriotism in 2020 means not just watching fireworks and wearing red, white and blue, but also fighting for what needs to change in our country. And one of the biggest things we need to work on, still tragically, is establishing racial equality. It’s so important that we continue to support this movement even when it’s no longer a social media “trend”. I have been very active on my Instagram @misslexiemarie on supporting Black Lives Matter, however I apologize sincerely for not yet speaking about it on my blog. Part of helping this movement for me and other people of priviledged races, is continuing to support black people as much as we can. Here are some black influencers who have inspired me.

Lesley @lbeabright

Leslie has the cutest wardrobe in the universe! She wears lots of Lilly Pulitzer and Love Shack Fancy, like me. I want to go shopping on her closet so bad! All of her many dresses and clothes are literally to die for. She is so adorable! She has some of the same dresses as me and some of the dresses I have been dying to purchase myself! I’ll admit sometimes her most perfect outfits do make me a little jealous! Boy does she have style; everything she wears is colorful, feminine, and classic.

Jiannie @allthingsjiannie

Jianni is one of the coolest, most intelligent, and kindest fashionistas I know. I worked with her and another friend on the Models Committee Lynn University 2019 Fashion Show. Our job was to recruit and be in constant communication with the models for the Spring fashion show, making sure they attend all of their mandatory meetings and fittings. She always knew what to do when Cameron (the other girl working with us who is also awesome) and I were lost. She not only has a fierce style but a fierce personality as well. She is sweet, funny and awesome!

Kelly Augustine @kellyaugustineb

I love this lady’s style and attitude! She is fabulous, and her taste in fashion is impeccable. I absolutely love all of her beautiful dresses and hats! She truly has grace as well as an amazing fashion and lifestyle blog.

Fashioning the Self @fashioningtheself

This account has the most stunning, artistic feed ever that depicts Black history so beautifully. It is one of the most creative accounts I have ever seen. She is soon publishing a second print edition of her style magazine titled Fashioning the Self in Slavery and Freedom which will feature writing, photography and other artistic work by many of her incredibly talented friends and colleagues. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, she is now accepting donations on her GoFundMe account.

Aja Barber @ajabarber

This woman is truly remarkable. She is a strong advocate for the Black Lives Matter Movement as well as for wearing sustainable clothing brands. Her speeches on Instagram are quite incredible; she is loving and kind but definitely doesn’t sugar coat things. She speaks on the behalf of many significant, profound topics that are integral to the Black Lives Matter Movement.


One of my oldest friends, whom I’ve known since high school, is an aspiring author! Her blog includes so many informative and funny articles on how to write a novel. I love her recent post on ”9 Ways to Get Rid of Writer’s Block” as she has many smart and unconventional ideas on this topic that make her article stand out from the usual. She is also stunningly beautiful and stylish and her Instagram rocks! She is also an amazing person and longtime friend.


Nicole Williams, another passionate author, is so adorably sweet, kind and gorgeous!! She writes and speaks about mental health, her faith, and succeeding in school (she goes to Princeton!). She is exceptionally intelligent and beautiful at the same time, as well as an amazing speaker and writer. Like, can I just be her?

Blue Labels Boutique @Bluelabelsboutique

This extraordinary fashion designer sells exquisite styles on her online boutique. I love the bright, fun, colorful patterns of her clothing. I also love her more formal dresses that are oh-so elegant and her inspirational motto which is “Live in Fashion not Fear”.

Jordan Chapman @jordantayc @jordan.taylorc

This woman is a photographer, traveler and fashionista who posts the most eye-catching photos from some of the most stunning places on her feed! I knew her from high school as well. She is gorgeous and has been active in advocating for BLM for a long time. She also has a fun and charismatic personality, and her accounts are captivating! She is a wonderful, incredibly kind person and longtime friend.

Sasha Cherapika @luvusumcherapika

I love Sasha; she is the absolute best! She is a beautiful and hilarious fashion enthusiast and incredible mother who has her own sewing business. She has recently made the most beautiful, unique, fashionable masks that she is selling on her account. She is also, of course, an active black advocate and a strong, fabulous woman as well. Sasha has the most outgoing, pleasant, and fun personality. She’s truly a joy to be around!

Kimberly M. Jenkins @kimberlymjenkins

Kimberly is a brilliant and dedicated BLM advocate who writes and speaks about vital topics pertaining to fashion and racism. Not only is she a professor at Ryerson, but she previously worked as an educator at Gucci! Kimberly has also taught at Parsons and Pratt as well so she is not exactly unintelligent. She is the founder of @fashionandracedatabase, which was created for the purpose of “expanding the narrative of fashion history and challenging misrepresentation within the fashion system”. She will be re-launching the website for the organization on July 8, and you’ll bet that as someone interested in the fashion industry I’ll be on there further educated myself on how minorities have tragically been under-represented, and their cultures distorted, in the fashion world for ages. This woman is truly remarkable. Her account is amazing, and I cannot wait for her new website.

Emmanuelle @emmanuellek_

I must admit I’m a little jealous of this lady’s closet as well, her fabulous dresses, bags, and hats. Emmanuelle’s style is extraordinary! She is stunning and really has an amazing, very creative, artistic and fun feed. It is truly innovative and beautiful, one I could spend hours on!

Gabby @_gabswilks_

Gabby is an incredibly kind, smart and loving person who loves children more than probably anyone I know. She is a wonderful, intelligent woman. Her video on her Instagram “Dear My Silent White Friend” was moving, inspiring and powerful. I was nearly in tears. She is a giver and a truly incredible person. The gorgeous younger sister of Danielle Wilkinson, I have also known her for a very long time!

Monique Mahabir @_moniquemary

Monique, a friend of mine from Lynn University who just recently graduated, is incredibly intelligent, sweet, giving, radiant and beautiful. She is an adorable hard-working Psychology student. She is so nice and fun to hang out with. Her ambition and work ethic inspires me! I have truly enjoyed the times I’ve spent with her. She is an amazing, brilliant woman and leader.

Oriane Abjibi @myfashionbreak

Oriane has the best outfits and shoots, another gorgeous woman with a spectacular feed! I love the all of the bright colors she wears, and her bathing suit and shoe collections are quite impressive. Of course, she is also advocated for racial inequality to end in our country, just like every single one of these powerful women are. She is a beautiful, intelligent, incredible woman and influencer!

When I went protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement and for the lives that have tragically been lost, I had the privilege hearing passionate black women speak for their cause. I really enjoyed listening to their powerful speeches. One of the women mentioned that it is not enough to just show up at a protest. She said that joining a Black Lives Matter organization is paramount to making a true impact. While I have not had much money lately to donate, I have been donating some of the money I do have to Joe Biden’s election, since Donald Trump has not been supporting Black Lives Matter and seems to even be making things worse for the minorities who are in need. I also will be donating money to, which is a non-profit that supports black lives as well as racial equality. If you are a black person, I stand by you. I stand with you. I stand for you. If you are a white person or someone of any other race, of course, I ask and encourage you support Black Lives Matter in any way you can, because they need us now more that ever. Comment below any black people and accounts that you support. We need change in our country so desperately. Black people at the very least deserve equality, justice and fair treatment.

I have been having difficulties posting links onto my blog because of WordPress’s new setup (why do sites have to do this all the time), but I will do my best to get them on there as soon as I can, and their accounts will be tagged on my Instagram feed @misslexiemarie. I love you all and hope you all had a wonderfully blessed holiday and will join me in doing everything we possibly can to make a difference against the cruel and unjust racial discrimination in our country.

Happy 4th of July,


Lilly Pulitzer leggings and the cutest bow crop top from the bestie! @dreamingoutloud25
My parents in their awesome festive outfits. I had to borrow my mom’s hat (in an outfit for a future post!). It’s the cutest!

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