The Non-Profit I Support that Saves Lives From Human Trafficking

Instead of feeling ashamed if you happen to be privileged, why not use your “privilege” for a good cause? I admit that I have felt apologetic and even embarrassed about being born into a well-off family during the time of the pandemic when millions of citizens around the world are struggling financially. Comments others have made in my life (using “princess” in a derogatory way) have spurred many of these negative emotions. However, I have realized that feeling that way about my upbringing is not productive, nor is it beneficial. In fact, it is quite pointless. It doesn’t help me nor anybody else.

My suggestion is to use your privilege for a humanitarian cause. Human trafficking, for instance, is a vile form of modern-day slavery that happens all around the planet. Those of us born into privilege have been provided with a wonderful gift, which is the means to donate what we can to stop innocent people from being kidnapped and horrifically abused.

Influencer Juliann Lancon @juliannlanconart states she supports The Exodus Road Rescue Life Outreach International Samaritan’s Purse (International Crisis Response Human Trafficking) ( “This has always weighed heavy on my heart especially since a trip I look to Cambodia years ago,” says the mother and fine abstract artist.

My humble advice is to be certain that the organization you are donating to is a non-profit and not a business, so you can be sure that this organization is all for helping those in need. However, businesses often make generous donations to these significant causes as well. Just remember to be mindful of any propaganda tactics that the business may possibly be utilizing merely for their own personal gain. Research and do the best you can to check the facts before making your donation. I do support businesses as well.

I hope after reading this you feel encouraged to make a difference as others in my life and on media have inspired me. Be kind, work hard and save the women, men, girls and boys that so desperately need our help. Thank you for reading. I hope that you can join myself and others in making a meaningful, imperative, drastic change.

Do the best you can and be the best you can be during times of uncertainty and struggle.



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