How to Beat Quarantine Depression

Social distancing, or really physical distancing, has been very hard on many of us. As human beings we are social animals and we are not meant to be a lone for an extended period of time. Staying inside and not be able be in the outside world has made many of us feel down. Isolating from the world and from others, which is what we have had to do for the past few weeks, can cause depression in a person. However, I am here to tell you that you can beat quarantine depression. I compiled this list of ways to stay mentally fit based on my own experiences as well as tips and advice from a registered mental health therapist.


Create and maintain a healthy routine/schedule

Mental health professional Cristina S. says that the best thing you could do to combat anxiety and avoid falling into depression is to create and most importantly maintain a healthy daily schedule so you stay productive and not get overwhelmed. Plan out when you’re going to work on school, when you’re going to work on your job, etc. and plan it strategically. Try to refrain from slacking off and being lazy all the time even though when staying at home doing so can be very tempting! But it’s best to stay busy. Cristina suggests still getting dressed in the morning instead of staying in pajamas all day to get yourself into the work mode. I suggest making sure your routine is realistic, fits your goals, and that you also leave time for relaxing and having fun!



Get some fresh air


Thankfully we can still go outside of your home in our front or back yard, and I suggest doing so as much as possible. Sunshine is good for the soul, and it increases the levels of serotonin and endorphins in your brain. Serotonin calms your brain and your anxiety while endorphins boost happiness. Spending time outside when it’s a beautiful days uplifting and is sure to improve anyone’s mood.




Elle Woods once said, “Exercise builds endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands”. Exercise is very important for maintaining your brain’s “happy” chemical balance, and for your husband’s safety, according to Elle Woods. I have heard from a mental health professional that exercise is just as beneficial to one’s mental health as are medications for anxiety and depression. So get out there and exercise; it will really give you more energy and the ability to feel so much happier!


Pamper Yourself

I feel so much better after pampering myself. Pampering yourself is so relaxing and gives you a boost of happiness and confidence as you are spending time on you. Taking care of you is part of self-love which essential to having inner peace. I have been using Lush skin care products to take care of my skin, and using these products is such a de-stresser for me. There are many ways to pamper yourself-taking a bubble bath, giving yourself a facial, giving yourself an at-home manicure, giving yourself a makeover, doing your hair, cleaning and decorating your room, ect. Pampering yourself is very healthy and so much fun as well! It is a sure way to combat quarantine depression.


Lush “Deep Sleep” Bath Bomb


Stay Connected With Others

We’re calling it social distancing, but it is really only physical distancing. We are lucky to live in the day and age where we can FaceTime our friends and family as well as speak with them on the phone. Zoom is also fun to use to talk with many people at the same time. So stay in touch with your friends and family as much as you can. Social interaction is so important for your happiness and growth as is having a good support system.


Don’t Watch Too Much News

Try not to get too caught up in watching the news all the time, cause it can really get depressing! Staying away from so much negativity like the news is essential to your inner peace. It’s so important to stay positive during this difficult and unusual time in order to avoid falling into depression.


Maintain a Healthy Diet

I struggle so much at this; I love junk food! However, my best friend told me that she feels so much better after eating carrots than after eating Doritos (even though Doritos may be delicious). You are what you eat; eating healthy foods really does improve your mental health.


Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness means only focusing on what you are doing in the current movement without thinking about the future or dwelling on the past. Staying in the present moment is key to happiness and avoiding falling into depression. Many physical activities such as yoga require you to only pay attention to the activity which can really help improve one’s ability to be mindful. Meditation is also very beneficial. Practicing mindfulness has been proven to have a positive impact on one’s mental well-being.



There have been many times during this quarantine where I have felt lonely and isolated. However, practicing these healthy habits has helped me a lot. I am someone who has struggled with clinical depression in the past, but taking these steps to bettering myself has really helped lift my depression during the quarantine, and I’m sure it can for you as well.





Cute Puppies to Ease Anyone’s Anxiety during Finals and the Pandemic

Puppies have a special way of always making us feel better when we are sad, depressed, anxious, or angry. Their floppy ears, cute adorable faces, and bubbly personalities are the cure for any negative emotion. Studies have shown that people who own dogs are statistically less likely to suffer from mental illness than those who don’t, which much be the reason why their cuddles, kisses, and unconditional love are often necessary for therapeutic purposes. Puppy love really does warm the heart and calm the mind like nothing else. If any of you happen to feel anxious (or any other difficult emotion) today because of finals coming up, the Corona Virus pandemic, or any other life struggles, here are some pictures of my dog (who is the best boy in the entire world) and my aunt’s new puppy who’s cuteness is way too much for any of us to handle. I hope that these pictures and videos put a smile on your face.

My aunt Sally’s new golden retriever puppy named Olive






My dog Cody, the best doggy in the whole wide world, he is a cockapoo






Cody and Olive wish all of you guys a wonderful weekend, and hope that all of you are healthy and safe!

Let me know if you want to see more pictures, and comment a picture of your puppy too! 🐶💗😘

The Modern-Day Woman is Expected To Have it All

Women in today’s society are ridiculed for everything they wear, everything they say, and everything they do. Even the most influential and altruistic women are criticized for such minor idiosyncrasies. We are expected to have it all nowadays, and to basically be perfect.


Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of today’s best-selling fashion “bible” Vogue, is a CEO, chairwoman of the MET Gala, philanthropist, fashion powerhouse, multi-millionaire, as well as a mother and wife, but still gets criticized for coming off as “intimidating”. Beyoncé is one of the world’s most famous and popular pop superstars; she has sold 118 million albums and has moved millions of people with her amazing concerts and music, and yet still people criticize her for twerking on stage. Award-winning actress Emma Watson is also an activist whose speeches on feminism have empowered millions of men and women, yet people criticize her for not being relatable because she is privileged.

If a wealthy and successful man seemed a little aloof, I don’t think people would nickname him “The Devil Wears Prada”. But since Anna Wintour is a woman, people expect her to be outwardly expressive and always smiling for everyone, and so she is criticized when she wears a resting “you-know-what” face (which by the way, this term is only given to women who often appear serious, not men) or when she is being harsh or too strict as a boss.

Society expects a lot from us women in this day and age. While we are not necessarily expected to be the primary breadwinners or make all the first moves like men are, we are expected to have a career,  to marry, raise children, as well as cook, clean, and be the homemakers. We are expected to be effective and polite communicators, to always be warm, and to act and look presentable. We are encouraged to be assertive and stand up for ourselves, but when we do, we are reminded that we must always act like a lady. If a guy walked into class with his hair in a rat’s nest, most people probably wouldn’t care. But if a woman did, that would be a different story. If a man gets too drunk, it’s funny. If a woman gets too drunk, it’s trashy. And men want to be with a woman who is innocent and experienced at the same time.

As women we have so much expectations put on us by people in general, by men especially but also by other women. It’s no wonder that twice the amount of reported people who have suffered from depression in the United States are women. Maybe it is because we feel so much pressure to be perfect ladylike angels and powerful superheroes at the same time always, and when we cannot live up to those impossibly high expectations because we are only human, we feel as though we are simply not enough.


I am not saying that men do not struggle as well, because of course they do. I think it would be so difficult to be expected to be the main provider and to “be a man” all the time and hide your emotions. I am just saying that it is very hard on women in society nowadays, because we simply cannot be perfect like men and society want us to be. Again, we are only human too. We are also so often mistreated. There is so much misogyny still occurring in the workplace, on college campuses, and in life in general. The much-needed “Me Too” Movement has shed light on the astonishing amount of women who have been sexually assaulted or harassed.

So to today’s society: for lack of better words—give us a break. We are trying our best. We try every day. But we can not always do everything right all the time. I will say it again; we are only human.


For me personally, men in the past have held me to such high standards, standards that they could not fulfill themselves. As of now, I am excelling in all of my classes while also working for a fashion magazine, keeping up with this blog, and writing for HerCampus Lynn. I just landed another internship for the summer, I haven’t gotten into any trouble, and most importantly, I do my best to treat others with respect and follow the Golden Rule. I am caring and supportive to my friends and family. But according to society and a lot of men, I’m still not doing enough, because my bedroom remains a mess, I can still only cook a few meals, I have many character flaws, and I do not yet make money of my own to pay the bills.

What if men accepted us as human beings instead of wanting us to be goddesses, and wanting us to look like the models on magazines who are photoshopped to look that way? What if we as women lifted each other up instead of always trying to compete with one another? Maybe cases of major depression in women in America would start to decline.

I think if men, women, if the whole world expected women to be human and not angels, because that is what we are, Planet Earth would be a much happier place for us. We would in general be much happier in life and with ourselves. So everyone, cut us ladies some slack (again, for lack of more eloquent words). We mess up all the time just like any human being, but that does not mean that we are not worthy or acceptable, or excellent, wonderful people. Let’s all remember to be kind to one another, treat each other how we would want to be treated, and to not judge another person until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes. And remember that as women, we can be exceptional even with all of our many flaws. We do not need to excel at everything to excel at life. We are perfect even though we are imperfect. Let’s spread love, not judgement, to each other and within ourselves. That is how we can be happier and make our world a happier place.


Dress from Gal Meets Glam, but I bought it for a third of the price at Rue La La!

How to Quarantine in Style

We have all been working and staying at home all day for a month now, and even the most introverted of all of us are getting bored just being at home. I know we all miss getting to go out to places. One thing I’m sure many of us fashionistas miss is getting to dress up in fancy and dressy outfits. I brought a few nice dresses and clothes with me to Atlanta where I have been staying during the quarantine, including the gorgeous Dress I wore for Easter. But even I, the girl always wearing dresses, have been spending most of my time lounging in casual wear. However, even when I dress casual, I still like to dress girly and cute. Continue reading for details on one of my favorite casual quarantine outfits, and on how I like to quarantine in style.

I love fun, colorful, girly pairs of leggings, and I love to pair them with cute tank tops and shirts. I recently purchased a couple of the cutest pairs of leggings from Fabletics Fabletics, one of my favorite brands for leggings. If you subscribe to Fabletics and become a VIP, you can get two pairs of leggings for only $24, and you can always unsubscribe from them later if you no longer want to be a member. Their leggings are of such amazing quality. Quality is very important to me when it comes to leggings, especially a pair I’ll be wearing for the whole day. Fabletics leggings are so comfortable; I really really love the material. They also come in so many different fun colors and styles. For this outfit I am wearing my blush pink Fabletics leggings that have a gorgeous metallic pattern on them. I paired these leggings with a pink tank top from Pink Victoria’s Secret, and I am also wearing my Jack Rogers sandals in these pictures.

I love to work at home with cute accessories like my Lilly Pulitzer agenda and my laptop with has a really cute mint blue base from Amazon and a sticker from Marley Lilly. I also use my iPad which has a rose gold keyboard and case that I love. My adorable tumblr that says “When in doubt, just add glitter” is from Sally Beauty; they have some really cute stuff there! Working with cute decor and supplies makes studying at home less boring. It makes even makes it something to look forward to since you can use the cute accessories you bought!

I encourage you all to make your quarantine more fun by taking advantage of the incredible sales that are happening now online and investing in new comfy lounging clothes that are also stylish and cute. And of course adding new girly accessories to your workplace at home can brighten up your day as well. It’s the little things in life. Hope you all are doing well and staying safe!




A Happy Easter In Lilly

I’m determined to still have a Happy Easter even though I am stuck at home. Wearing one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever owned, I definitely feel dressed up for the holiday. As soon as I stepped into this Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress (it feels like a gown!) I automatically felt like a princess. Or as if I were attending a wedding, perhaps somewhere on a tropical island in the Caribbean. The dress’s pattern is so beachy and its aqua color is simply stunning. It appears to be inspired by the ocean. I bought it on a fabulous discount at the After Party sale at the beginning of this year. It looks so perfect with my pearls (earrings from Tiffany’s and necklace from Zales), Kendra Scott bracelet, and Jack Roger sandals. Even if I’m just at home, I still can’t wait to spend the Easter holiday in this magnificent dress.


Our house is decked out for Easter with Easter bunnies and other decor thanks to my mom who got her knack for decorating from my grandmother who takes it to a whole nother level. We are going to try to see some of our extended family through Zoom and drive by my aunt’s house to see some of them as well but avoid going up too close to them. My dad is planning to cook my favorite food-steak! Eating such a delicious meal in a house decorated up to par for Easter dressed in my most gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer gown, I still feel like I am having a wonderful holiday just staying at home.


I hope you all have a splendid holiday and you still get to see loved ones celebrating Easter or Passover during this very unusual time. Pray for me that I’ll still have time to relax with all the work I have to do! My Easter this year may be more quiet, but I’m still looking forward to having a wonderful day. I think I’m gonna have to repeat this dress honestly, and wear it again surrounded by more people, at a much bigger event or occasion. But physical distancing still continues for now. And having a more laid-back holiday does have its pros, less maintenance, cleaning up, preparing to do for one thing. Once the quarantine ends we can all have a grand celebration. For now, we can still decorate Easter eggs and have an elegant dinner at home.





Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all have an amazing day!


A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Maybe there could be a positive side to the quarantine for us individuals and for the world, just hear me out. The Corona Virus has obviously caused so much tragedy. It is so horrible to think of how many deaths it has caused as well as illness, depression, and money and job loss. The Corona Virus is having a severely negative impact on the entire world.  However, after all of this disaster and turmoil, maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A light, like finding new land, or finding hope.



I cannot wait to get back out, to go to the beach, go out with friends, go out to eat again. I’m sure we will all be celebrating victoriously. Whenever this happens, I’m sure it will be grand. The beaches and bars will definitely be more crowded than ever before, but I think everyone will be so ecstatic and in such good spirits. It will be the biggest party there ever was, and I think everyone will be so happy to see each other.

Dress and belt from Target, hat from a store in Saltzburg, Austria

Social distancing has actually been surprisingly beneficial to me in some ways, and maybe it has been for others as well. After so many people who were so close to me betrayed me last year and broke my heart, I definitely need some time a lone. Now I am learning more about who I am and how to be happy just being a lone, while for years I defined myself by my friendships and relationships with others. I depended on other people for my own happiness and well-being which is not a healthy way to live. I am now learning that happiness comes from within and not from other people. With what I’ve learned about happiness during this time, I believe I can come out of this a better person. As I wrote about in my “The Quarantine Is Your Time to Focus on YOU” post, I think using this time to reflect and focus on ourselves can help us all come out as better individuals. I think we will all become wiser after this crazy and bizarre experience. I think that we can all grow from this experience as individuals and as a whole society.

My friend Giuliana Carrozza wrote an amazing article on HerCampus Lynn (where I have recently become a contributing writer!) about how change needs to happen in this county. Maybe this pandemic can incite that change.


However, I am now starting to get very lonely. I need to get back out! I need to go out some place, and I need to be around more people and spend time with friends. I feel so isolated stuck inside of my home; I have been dreaming about traveling and going to a different country. I want to go back out into the world so bad! I’m sure many of you feel the same. I think when we do get back out, it will be the most amazing feeling in the world.

Shoes I got for a great price at a cheap shoe store! I’m not one to wear knock-offs, but I thought these were so cute!!

I think when this is all over and we’re back out in the big world, we won’t take things for granted so much anymore. The beauty of the beach, the blow of the wind, the crashing of the waves, the blissful feeling of swimming in the ocean. We’ll hug our loved ones a little lighter; we now know that we may not be able to always see them again when we want to.  And the warm feeling we have when being able to hug our friends and family again will be so nice. We’ll be so excited to see each other! We will appreciate the people in our life more than we did before. I hope to strengthen my existing friendships and make many more after this quarantine period is over. We will all come out of this quarantine a stronger community, a stronger nation. As survivors of a deathly world-wide virus, we will stronger than ever. After the quarantine we’ll all be able to arrive to a better country, to a better America.

Deerfield Beach, Florida

I’m so excited. I cannot wait for our future together, our future as Americans who can, have, and will conquer all.

Bathing suit from Target; I borrowed the sunglasses from my sister, lol, and my aunt Tanya gave me the cute towel that has elephants on it!




Flashback to Some of My Favorite Dresses

Some may say I hoard dresses; I say I’m an avid collector of dresses. Either way, I love beautiful dresses. I have a closet full of them like the girl in 27 Dresses. Wearing a dress makes me feel more beautiful and more confident. Here below are just a few of my most favorite dresses from various brands that I’ve worn in the past that have been seen on my Instagram but not yet on this blog.

This beautiful gown is from Lord and Taylor. I modeled it at the Lord and Taylor Prom Event.


This dress reminds me of Elsa’s queen dress. I also modeled this at the Lord and Taylor Prom Event

Elegant and feminine dress from J-crew I wore on my birthday last year



My Aunt Tanya gave me this beautiful summery dress. I wore it to my all-time favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot, out with a good friend.

This dress is sophisticated, but the bow also adds a girly touch. Every woman needs a little black dress.

This pretty floral dress is from Franchesa’s. You can find the cutest things there on sale!

This dress is also from J-crew. Wore it out to a nice restaurant, Ruth Chris Steak House, one of my favorites. I love the bright colors on this dress.


Pretty and preppy dress from Vineyard Vines. I wore it on the beach; it’s perfect for the 4th of July!


I hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of my favorite dresses. I felt like a princess wearing each and every one of them. More to come! Hope all of you are staying in and staying safe.

Fun Hobbies to Pick Up While Staying At Home

643C7C25-727C-40D6-BDE7-2DD9A298598BNow that we’re spending so much time at home during this quarantine, it is the perfect time to pick up some new fun hobbies! Spending more time alone is not always a bad thing. I believe that taking some time just to yourself and only yourself every once in a while is actually very healthy. However, finding hobbies that you can enjoy all while staying inside of your home can be difficult. I am here to tell you that there are actually so many fun things you can do just staying in. Here are some ideas of hobbies and things to do in order to stay entertained and still feel fulfilled while being cooped up in your house or apartment.

  1. 1.Writing, Journaling, and Blogging

    Writing is one of my favorite pastimes, and there is no better time to write than the quarantine! I have my own personal blog called, where I love to write about things I am passionate about as well as post pictures I have taken. So, if you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, but haven’t had the time yet the perfect time is now! It is so fun to write about what you love and share it with others. Plus everyone is reading now more than ever since they are stuck at home. This is the best time to gain more followers!

    Have you always wanted to write a book, but have never gotten around to it? Now is the perfect time to do it. You can also write short stories, articles, or whatever your heart desires. Journaling and writing poetry is something that is therapeutic for many people including myself. Writing is a great way to be creative and express yourself.

  2. 2.Cooking and Baking

    Now is also such a great time to expand your cooking and baking abilities or learn to cook if you have not yet. A great way to feel productive as well as stay busy at home (and feed your hungry stomach too) is by cooking and baking. An easy way to learn new recipes is on Youtube or Pinterest. You can make new meals using what you already have in your kitchen or by buying new food and ingredients at groceries stores. Stocks at stores are now getting low, but many of them still carry plenty of food items. I often, okay well most of the time if I’m being honest, feel too lazy to cook. However I find that once I actually start cooking it can often be fun! I feel so accomplished after I have made my own meal. Cooking is such a great hobby to pick up when you’re stuck at home, and also, who does not love food?!

  3. 3.Yoga

    I have really been wanting to get back into yoga as my personal trainer used to teach me yoga poses and it was so relaxing. My dad is a huge yoga fanatic so this weekend I plan on practicing yoga with him! You can still practice yoga at home as there are so many videos online and on Youtube that instruct you on how to do different poses. Yoga is great for your physical and mental health. It definitely helps with stress and anxiety which I’m sure many of us have been experiencing a lot of lately! Lately I have been having a difficult time relaxing, so this is one of the main reasons I’ve been wanting to try yoga again. Yoga is a wonderful self-care activity that is great for the quarantine!

  4. 4.Adult Coloring Books

    Coloring can be very calming. You can order adult coloring books on Amazon for under $10 as well as sets of markers in many different colors which can be very fun to collect! Coloring is obviously very easy but also very fun, and a great activity to do when you’re bored to pass the time. Many people find it very therapeutic and relaxing including myself. There are so many different adult coloring books on the market now to choose from with many different cool pictures and designs! It’s a great stay-at-home hobby and way to feel creative, so it’s an excellent idea to go online and stock up on markers and adult coloring books for the quarantine!

  5. 5.Painting

    Painting is a lot of fun, and despite popular belief, you don’t actually have to be good at painting, or even an artist for that matter, to paint with pretty colors on a canvas. You can also become so much better at painting by practicing if you don’t think you are good at it yet. It is honestly a misconception that the ability to paint a beautiful picture only comes from pure talent, as painting is also a skill that can be learned. Painting is a great way to express yourself, be artsy and be creative. Some art supply stores are now allowing you to do curbside pick-ups, meaning that you call ahead and tell them what you want to buy, drive to the store, and then they hand you your supplies while you’re still in the car, kind of like a drive-through. That way, you do not actually have to take the risk of going into the store.When you have painted something beautiful, you hang it on your bedroom wall, and you can tell people that you painted it, it is so fulfilling! Painting is something you can easily do at home with the right supplies, making it a great activity to do during the quarantine!


Picking up new hobbies and interests can be exciting but also important for self-growth. The positive side to the quarantine is that now we all finally have the time to do these things that we have been pushing to the back burner!



In these pictures I am wearing a dress from Franchesca’s with the cutest rainbow tassels!
Today I had fun spending sometime outside in my front yard and in the neighborhood since it was so nice outside today! Spending time out in the yard and taking walks in the neighborhood is something I’ve been enjoying during the quarantine!

Killer Quarantine Sales All Online!

I had no idea there would be so many amazing sales during the quarantine, and I’m seeing some deals that are better than I’ve ever seen before from the company! It’s honestly crazy and shows how our economy is collapsing, which is tragic of course. However, I am still so happy about the purchases I’ve made on such great discounts! Here are a couple of the best sales I’ve found!


Neiman Marcus

Furla Eve Small Drawstring Bucket Bag on sale for at Neiman Marcus for only $170!!! (Originally $340)

Neiman Marcus is having any online Last Call sale, where they’re selling tons and tons of fantastic designer goodies for 50% off!!! This Furla Bucket bag is the perfect everyday bag, and bucket bag are of course a huge trend right now (I’ve been dying over the Louis Vuitton ones lately!). It comes in black, beige, and navy, and the leather looks so luxurious! And the price for such a nice bag is outstanding!

Tory Burch


Tory Burch McGraw Triple-Compartment Tote in Devon Sand on sale Online only for $349!!! (Originally $498)

Tory Burch is offering free shipping as well as amazing discounts on some of their best items! They have so many shoes including their classic ballet flats and Miller sandals on sale as well! The McGraw Triple-Compartment Tote beige bag is so cute; the tassels are adorable! It’s another perfect everyday carry-all bag, and they have so many other gorgeous bags on sale as well! They are also offering 25% off your entire order or 30% off if you spend over $500.


Lilly Pulitzer


Lilly Pulitzer Dyanna Velour Chemise in Prosecco Pink Lilac You A Lot on sale for 30% off!!! (Originally $88)

Lilly Pulitzer usually only has an online sale twice a year, but now they are selling an abundance of clothing an other items for 30% off!!! Some of their most gorgeous clothes are accessories are on sale. I purchased their Dyanna Velour Chemise dress, aka the cutest and girliest dress ever, for only $60 including taxes and shipping! I cannot wait until it comes in. With its pink and purple hearts, it is definitely one of the most adorable dresses I have ever bought!

This is the best time to go online shopping ever. So many other stores are having fantastic sales too! However all the sales can be dangerous, for your credit card of course. You can go broke if you aren’t careful! But this is the perfect time for online shopping as you can easily find some of your favorite brands selling things you’ve always wanted for a significantly lower price!



When You Can’t See Yourself With Anyone Else

It didn’t work out, but you can’t see yourself with anyone else. You don’t want any one else. You only think of his face, his smile, his eyes. No one else is as good as him. You only want him.

But he is not an option. What if you’re single forever, because you don’t want anyone but him. No one else is quite like him.

So take some time. Take some space. Focus on yourself. I know you think you will never get over him, but you will. You may never forget him, but one day you’ll find that he no longer consumes you. And you’ll let him go.

And when the time is right, you’ll find someone else. And this person will be right for you, like the other person wasn’t. And you’ll fall in love with HIS face, his smile, his eyes. You’ll love him in ways that you never loved the other person, and this time, he will love you back. You will both love each other more than either of you thought you could love another person. You will have a chemistry and connection far greater than what you had with your past almost-lover, and you’ll see why it never worked out with him.

Be patient. Your time will come. Don’t lose hope, for true love awaits you. You will find it some day, and you will no longer care that your almost-lover never loved you back. Because you have found your true soulmate. You’ve found who you truly belong with. You will find that person. You will get over him. I promise.



Wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress  (which you can now get on sale for 30% off!) in Boca Raton, Florida

By the way, this article was written a few months ago based on my own experience with unrequited love.


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