Pink and Perfect for School

Sometimes it’s hard dressing for school because while it may be warm outside, it is usually freezing in the classrooms. I found this dress on Poshmark form a random boutique that is perfect for school days during the Spring and Summer. The long sleeves of this dress will keep you warm when the classrooms are very cold.

The detailing on this dress is beautiful, and I love the way this dress looks with my matching pink Kate Spade purse. This dress is so comfortable. In this dress, I feel both pretty and warm.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season; I can’t wait to spend Christmas with my family!

Stay Sunny 🙂



Wearing Sundresses in December

One of the reasons I love living in Southern Florida is because it stays warm all year long and even in December, I get to wear summer sundresses. Sundresses are probably my favorite thing to wear, so I love getting to wear them all year long.

I love to enjoy the beauty of Florida. Every day is a bright and sunny; of course that is why it is called the Sunshine State. I like to choose clothing that has the same brightness as the outdoors.

This blue-green sundress from J-Crew is the perfect sundress to wear on a sunny day. I bought this dress from Poshmark for a better price. I love to get clothing from high-quality brands such as J-crew on bargain deals. I love the way I feel in this flow, feminine dress.

I wanted to say sorry I haven’t blogged in so long; I have been stressed lately about my future. However, I am trying my best to stay in the present and enjoy my life despite my anxieties. Right now I am happy to be blogging again. Hope you enjoyed this post!

Stay Sunny 🙂



When in Doubt, Prep it Out!

I love seersucker! Seersuckers dresses, tops, shorts, everything. Especially dresses of course. Seersucker is so adorable and preppy. I absolutely adore Lauren James seersucker dresses, but for this outfit I decided to save some money and went for a less expensive choices, and that is this seersucker dress from one of my favorite online boutiques, Red Dress Boutique.

This is one of my favorite dresses. The bow on the side makes it extra adorable. I paired this dress with my Steve Madden wedges.

In this picture you can really see the bow on the side; it is so cute! My pearls look perfect with this dress. Pearls go with anything and everything, but especially a classy dress.

Glam Jewelry With a Flirty Coral Dress

Coral is one of my favorite colors to wear; it is so pretty and flattering. Yesterday I went to the mall with my roommate and wore this coral dress that I got from J-crew.

Dress and necklace are both from J-crew. My purse is Louis Vuitton, and my shoes are Jack Rogers.

This gorgeous necklace from J-crew really takes the dress to a whole new level. I love how glamorous it is.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween weekend. I went to a Halloween party last night with my roommate; I dressed up as Cinderella, and my roommate dressed up as a cat.

I loved dressing up as Cinderella! I wish that I could dress up as a Disney princess everyday! But then again that’s what my blog is all about, that every girl is a princess!

Brighten Up Your Day With A Bright Lip Color!

A bright lip color is an easy, quick way to makeup your makeup stand out and brighten up your look. Putting on a more bold, bright lipstick color is a great pick-me-up. It is fun and flattering.

I chose a bright berry pink lip color today.

On my face I used:

Loreal Truematch Lumi Foundations-Shades N3 and W5 mixed

NYX Cream Highlight and Contour Palette-Contour Shade (contour cheekbones)

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer-Shade Light 10 (unders eyes, down the nose, and middle of forehead)

Ben Nye Media Pro HD Bella Poudre Palette-Shade Bella 002 (contour cheekbones and around forehead), Shade Bella 003 (bronzer on cheekbones and around forehead), Shade Rose Petal (highlight middle of forehead and nose)

Ben Nye Fashion Rouge Palette-Shade Pink Bliss (blush on cheekbones)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit-Shade Moonstone (highlight above cheekbones)

On eyes:

Brett Brow by Brett Freedman eyebrow powders palette-Shade Pale Blonde (on eyebrows)

Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer

Lorac Pro Palette Shades Cream (browbone), Nude (lid), and Taupe (lower lash line)

Loreal Infallible Sculpt Liquid Eyeliner

Covergirl Lashblast Waterproof Mascara Very Black

On lips:

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in 025 Sweetheart Valentine

I love this Revlon lipstick! It is moisturizing, very well pigmented, and very longlasting. It is the perfect bright color for me, my style, and my personality.

As you can see, I use a mix of high-end and drugstore beauty products. I love high-end makeup; I feel you can also find amazing products at the drugstore for cheaper prices. They might not have as good of a selection of high-quality makeup, but I believe you can find some really great products at the drugstore.

I love this makeup-look because it is bright, fun, and easy, and the lip color really is something.

A Dress That Screams “Feminine”

Today I am wearing this lovely blush pink dress to go out to eat at Rebel house with some of my great awesome friends.

The blush pink and lace on this dress are the perfect princess-y combination. They look so feminine together; wearing blush pink and lace screams girly. My Kate Spade purse matches perfectly with this dress and my Lilly Pulitzer umbrella also goes with the pink theme. And on my feet, I am wearing my favorite Steve Madden wedges.

Bracelets from Tiffany and Co.

This locket is very special to me. It has my initials on it, and inside, and it has pictures of my family inside. You can get a necklace like this at or at It’s always nice to wear a piece of jewelry that is meaningful to you. This necklace would make a perfect gift.

Forever 21 is such a great place to shop for dresses. They have dresses of all different styles, all at great prices. I love dresses like this one that are casual, but at the same time, make me feel like I am a princess. I love to fill up my wardrobe with pieces of clothing that can be worn casual but are also cute and girly enough to wear shopping or out to eat.

Stay Sunny! 🙂

With love,

Lexie Marie Van Orden

Pink and Purple Outfit ft. A Lovely Kate Spade Cardigan

This outfit is feminine and fun. The skirt, from Red Dress Boutique is one of those skirts that makes you want to twirl. I wore this outfit on a normal day going out to lunch; I just wanted to feel pretty. The blouse I am wearing it with, also from The Red Dress Boutique, has scallop details at the top.

I love to pair pink and purple together; the two colors look so nice together. I am wearing this outfit with my Louis Vuitton Neverfull purse, my Jack Rogers shoes, and of course my signature pearls and David Yurman ring.

The cardigan I am wearing is by Kate Spade, and I got it from Poshmark for a great deal!

Hope you all liked this outfit!

Stay Sunny 🙂

With love,

Lexie Marie Van Orden

Celebrating Birthdays In Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines

This weekend was one of my really good friend Ben’s birthday. He turned 20; it was a big day! I wanted to wear something special to celebrate his birthday, so I wore my new Lilly Pulitzer dress that I got in the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale.

This beautiful Lilly Pulitzer dress is in the print Lolita. It is a perfect Spring and Summer dress. It’s perfect for Florida, where it is almost always Summer. This dress is also very feminine and elegant and quite casual at the same time. I am wearing this dress with my Jack Rogers shoes, Kate Spade purse, monogram necklace, and David Yurman ring.

If you love Lilly Pulitzer and are on a budget, I highly recommend shopping during the Lilly Pulitzer End of Summer Sale. They have an incredible amount of dresses, skirts, shorts, tops…everything basically at prices that are very decent, especially compared to the original prices. I got this dress for just $39, and its original prices was almost $100. You can save a tremendous amount of money by shopping for your Lilly during the two sales they have each year (one is in August and the other is in early January) rather than buying all of your Lilly full-priced.

My friend Breanna had her birthday a week before Ben. I wanted to dress up for her birthday too. Birthdays are a time to celebrate; and why not celebrate looking your best. I love to celebrate special occasions in fun, pretty dresses.

I got this gorgeous preppy dress dress from Vineyard Vines, and I am wearing it with my Steve Madden wedges and my black Kate Spade purse. 
Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Stay Sunny 🙂

With love, 

Lexie Marie Van Orden

How to Wear Prints

Here we go with another pink dress! This dress is another cotton dress; I love these dresses because you can dress them up or down with the jewelry and shoes you wear.  This dress is from Vineyard Vines; I got there on sale a couple weeks ago! I went with a simple look; I paired this dress with my usual pearls, Tiffany bracelets, and David Yurman ring. The shoes I wore are my basic platinum Jack Rogers. My pink Kate Spade purse that I am wearing matches very well with this pink dress.

This pattern is particularly unique; it is a pattern of pink whale tales; which is cute of course because it matches the Vineyard Vines whale logo.

This next dress is an adorable dress I got from It is also very cute and preppy. I wore a white cardigan from Target over it, and I paired this outfit with my gold monogram pendant from Etsy (they sell monogram necklaces at great prices!), and the same David Yurman ring, Jack Rogers, and Kate Spade purse. I like to wear this dress to restaurants and shopping, and it is also a great dress to wear to church. The Lilly Pulitzer umbrella I wore it with makes the outfit brighter and extra cheery! Fabulous umbrellas make rainy days more fun!

Pink and Green Prep

I love cotton dresses; you can wear them to so many different occasions. You can dress them up or down. This cotton dress from Lilly Pulitzer is one of my favorites.


I am wearing this dress with my Louis Vuitton clutch that came with my Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bag; this clutch is perfect for taking to restaurants and bars. I am also wearing my platinum Jack Rogers, which are the perfect shoes for any Lilly Pulitzer dress. To accessorize, I am wearer my Tiffany bracelets and David Yurman ring.

I love this dress; it is so bright, preppy, and girly, just like everything that Lilly Pulitzer makes. Pink and green complement each other so well, and they are Lilly Pulitzer’s signature colors. This dress came out during the Spring of 2016, so you can’t find it on Lilly Pulitzer anymore, but if you’re interested, I would suggest searching on Poshmark for this dress.

I wore this dress once to go to a restaurant near the beach with friends, and also at a restaurant with my good friend Ashley, as seen here in the photo. In the picture with Ashley, I am wearing the dress with my pearls and my Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote bag.

This dress is so happy-looking; it makes me feel happy when you wear it. It’s always important to wear what makes you feel happy and beautiful. I dress the way I want to feel, and today, I want to feel happy.

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