We Can Come Together and Choose Peace and Love (And Lilly Pulitzer)

I just want a kinder world.

Is Love Shack Fancy the New Lilly Pulitzer in Palm Beach?

Hello, I’ve missed you my friends! I have some exciting news for you all. The beautiful, enchanting dresses of the Love Shack Fancy collection are to die for; simply stunning, however quite pricey. To make her dresses accessible to a larger audience, the designer collaborated with Target to produce an affordable Love Shack Fancy lineContinue reading “Is Love Shack Fancy the New Lilly Pulitzer in Palm Beach?”

How to Quarantine in Style

We have all been working and staying at home all day for a month now, and even the most introverted of all of us are getting bored just being at home. I know we all miss getting to go out to places. One thing I’m sure many of us fashionistas miss is getting to dressContinue reading “How to Quarantine in Style”

There’s Something About Seersucker

You can never go wrong with seersucker, or pink! I once posted about my favorite seersucker dress; here is my favorite seersucker skirt! I found this skirt a couple years ago at Vineyard Vines and decided I had to have it but ended up returning it for a dress since I felt a dress wasContinue reading “There’s Something About Seersucker”

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